The Power of Remote Supervision

3 Tips To Help You Master “The Art of Remotely Managing Your Security Guards”

1. Keep Track Of All Activities
1. Keep Track Of All Activities

Due to a rise in the number and type of security threats to businesses, as well as growing public demand for protection when it comes to everyday activities, the security guard services industry is experiencing growth at a significant pace. 


As companies continue to navigate through the ever-changing scenario, the security guard industry has been diligently working to put forth tools, technology capable of supporting their business operations. The most important one in this aspect is providing security providing consistent communications, but also maintaining safe visitor management interactions which are proven essential now more than ever.

2. Automated Security Guard Management

The industry is working with a new wave of innovation called smart automated security guard technology. This technology assists with tracking, staffing, and much more. For security firms, remote monitoring is an essential practice to managing security guards today. For companies remotely monitoring a security guard the focus needs to be around tracking, visualizing and maintaining visibility into the guard’s activity and actions from the main command center. 

Remote monitoring or managing security guards remotely can provide supervisors the support they need when overseeing large or multiple locations in different areas. This method of monitoring is mostly used to ensure security guard companies are providing constant visibility on the facilities they are tasked with in securing  and meeting guidelines identified by the client. If such a technology was not in place guard companies could run into situations where there were hours unattended for, areas of buildings that are being overlooked, etc. Mishaps like these could lead to possible crime, unwanted visitors on the property, and more.

3. Introduce New Virtual Supervisor

As security firm owners are currently adopting new strategies daily to ensure the safety and security in this current time, new technologies are continuing to simplify the process for guard companies and making it safer for supervisors and guards to work remotely. This technology allows enterprises to know which guards are on duty, provide confirmation that officers are exactly where they are supposed to be resulting in a safer environment and a better service to clients. It can also provide enhanced operational efficiency by allowing a software system to track guards through Smartphone apps, which allows supervisors to track shifts, breaks, patrols and incidents, resulting in lower operational costs for your business and improved service to your clients and increase in profit margins. 

Systems like these allow guards to better report on issues and manage incidents. Apps are allowing guards to work with real-time alerts, task management, more, all from a cell phone or tablet. In a nutshell, the program essentially bridges the gap between the management, security guards, and clients. It essentially helps keep track of guards, automate tasks and manage multiple locations. Having automation tools and tracking capabilities will not only help enterprises to be able to plan for future hazards, but also be able to build out the future of the business more and sustainably.