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3 Stories About Security Guard Management System You Didn’t Know

What Is Security Guard Management?
Security guard management is the process of managing employees who perform security related roles at properties such as schools, organizations, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, etc. It includes hiring, training, managing personnel, monitoring their performance and providing them with tools for their better working efficiency.
A good security guard management system provides indisputable evidence of site visits, patrol stops, site rounds and alarm responses with all records maintained in a cloud based database! Some systems will even clock the amount of time spent at each event. Weekly or monthly system reports sent with your invoices will even speed the approval process and improve your cash flow!
The guard patrol system helps security officers and managers monitor guards and track their activities in real-time. The system integrates and makes guard scheduling, attendance keeping, and even their payments an automated process. In other words, the mundane day-to-day processes require no manual efforts. 
This unique feature of our security guard patrol tracking system allows you to manage the attendance of the security guards with full accuracy. This offers you an online update of the security guards available on duty and thus offers better control over resource planning and allocation.
A security guard is a person who protects property, people or assets by patrolling premises, business, and assets of an organization, and enforcing law. A security guard’s duties may include patrolling, surveillance and other protective functions. They are often employed by private businesses, but they may also work for the government. Security guards must be trained in a variety of techniques.
With a high-quality security guard monitoring system, you will be better equipped than ever to improve your guards’ work efforts, provide office support, and create an efficient work environment that will allow you to offer superior service to your client.
As opposed to the above introduction, some security guard agencies are not using  technology to its full potential. 
A Self Narrated Story Of A Security Guard:
1. “I was the security guard at a small bank. We were having an average day, with customers coming and going. One customer entered the bank, carrying a computer bag. He walked up to the counter and placed his bag on the counter, but then he looked around for someone he knew. After a minute or so, he left the bank without any problems. I didn’t think much of it at first, but then I saw another customer come in with a laptop bag. He put it on the counter next to the other one and then started looking around again. After another minute or so, he left without incident as well.
I was curious as to what was going on so I walked over to check out the bags myself. The first one had nothing inside except some papers and a few pens and pencils; there wasn’t even anything suspicious about it that would make me want to look inside more closely (like maybe if there was something hidden inside). But then when I opened up the second bag… holy shit this guy is packing! There were all kinds of notebooks, binders filled with papers that I couldn’t even identify let alone read through all of them; there were pens, pencils etc. and lots of other stuff”
Thus, the moral of the above story is that security guards are a necessity in our society. They protect us from harm, from theft and from harm that could cause us harm. Most of the security guards are hired by businesses or individuals to protect them from  other people.
But, with the above story we could also bring another school of thought like, what is all of this? Security guards have many responsibilities and duties that they need to perform on a daily basis. The first duty is to prevent crime and prevent criminal activities from occurring at their place of work. This means that when they are on duty, they should always be alert so as not to miss any criminal activity going on around them. This includes “Visitor Management” as well as “Incident Reporting” on a daily basis.  The second duty is to help protect property and assets of their employer or client if there is any kind of threat against them, which includes “Tour  Management” For example, if a fire breaks out at night, they may be asked by the owner/manager to go outside with a hose spraying water on fire until it’s put out completely. The third duty is to help protect people who visit their employer/client’s premises such as customers coming in or any known or unknown person making an entry. 
When you have a security guard, it’s important to be aware of their needs and the types of tasks they are responsible for. They have a big challenge for juggling between a lot many tasks during their duty hours. Thus, the use of today’s technological advancement makes all of this possible at the click of a button, keeping data stored, safand retrievable when desired. 
Also, security guards often have limited training in safety procedures and skills. They may not be able to respond quickly enough in an emergency situation if someone comes into their area without permission or if there is an intruder on their property. The best way to ensure that your property is  secure is by giving your security guard the necessary training and tools so that they can deal with any situation quickly and effectively.
Another Interesting Story:
2. There are very many interesting stories of security guards. We can trace the history of security guards through the centuries, and in one way or another, they have been there for us all. People have always needed security guards.
However, the first known use of the term “security guard” was in 1893 by Noah Brooks who was an American newspaper editor and writer. He wrote about “a man whose duty it was to keep  off intruders.” The term “security guard” has been used since then to refer to people who protect property or facilities from theft or damage.
Security guard management is a difficult task in which you have to keep track of all the issues your guardsface. You need to ensure that they are being paid on time, that they have the resources they need to do their jobs and that they are safe. 
In addition to the basic needs of your guards, there are other things that you should consider when it comes to security guard management. You will have a better chance at keeping your guards happy if you offer them flexible hours and make sure that their schedules are not too tight or too loose. You can also give them opportunities for advancement and reward them for good performance. Good management software has all of this and more.
The most important thing when it comes to security guard management is ensuring that your guards are happy and feel appreciated by their employer. This means making sure they feel like they are treated fairly and with respect by everyone involved with the company including management staff members, supervisors and other employees who interact with them on a daily basis, and the best answer to this is the latest technological solution of Virtual Supervision.
This is a story of a security guard management company's management philosophy and its commitment to the work force.
It is a story that began with one man, who had an idea and was willing to take the risk to move forward on it. The company he founded was called Guard Force Security. The company’s founder, Michael Siegel, started the company in New York City in 1987 with $50,000 borrowed from family and friends, including his father.
Siegel worked for another security consulting firm after graduating from college in 1982, but he wanted to start his own business. He saw an opportunity in the rapidly growing security industry through his work as a consultant for several clients  around New York City and decided he could do better by cutting out some of the middlemen and focusing solely on client relationships.
In 1987, Siegel set up shop in Manhattan with just one employee: himself! With his initial capital of $50,000 from friends and family combined with profits from selling equipment to other security companies, Siegel opened Guard Force Security’s first office space on Madison Avenue near Grand Central Station. Over time, Siegel grew his company into one of New York City’s largest security firms by expanding.
It was a normal working day at the office. The security guards were getting ready for their shift, making sure that they had everything they needed for the day. They were also checking on their gear and ensuring that everything was ready to go. The last thing they did before leaving was to check their weapons and make sure that they were loaded and ready to go.
The day started out as usual but soon enough something happened that changed everything. A man came into the office and shot up the place. Everyone inside died except for one person who managed to escape with his life. The police later caught him, but he refused to talk about what happened or why he did it. He only said that there would be no more death if he spoke with them first.
The police then decided that maybe this man knew something about what had happened, so they brought him in for questioning. After hours of interrogation, he finally broke down and told them everything he knew about what happened that day. 
There was a security guard who was in charge of a building, and he had a very strict policy on how to manage his staff. The first thing he did was to give each of them a uniform. He said that if they wore their uniforms, it would be easier for him to know who was who, and he could control them better.
The third thing he did was that he made sure all the uniforms looked exactly the same – there were no different colors or anything like that. He said this would help make sure that everyone knew what to do in case of an emergency and how to act if one of them got lost or injured during his shift.
The fourth thing he did was that he made sure nobody ever took off their uniformsat home or anywhere else for that matter – not even for showers or laundry. He said this would prevent anyone from stealing them so they could use them as disguises when committing crimes against others, which was taking things too far!
Thus, a good security guard management system with a virtual supervisor, incident reporting at the very first instance could reduce the psychological burden on the guards and help them to work without fear of the higher up which in turn would make life much simpler and not leading to the above incident.
A 3rd Story of Its Kind:
3. There are many real-life incidences where security guard agencies have not used technology and it has led to disastrous consequences. For example, in 2017, a security guard at a hospital in the United States was shot and killed by a patient who had escaped from the psychiatric ward. The security guard had been using an outdated paper log to keep track of the patients in the ward. If the security guard had been using a modern security guard management system, he would have been able to see that the patient who shot him was no longer in the ward and could have taken steps to prevent the tragedy from happening.
Have you ever wondered why many companies still don’t use technology to improve their security?
In this day and age, with all the advances in technology, it’s surprising that so many companies still don’t use any form of technology to improve their security.
The down side is that security agencies are not using technology to their advantage. They are still using manual processes and paper work.
Most companies have been using manual methods for most of its activities, which makes it hard for them to stay competitive in the market. The company’s main problem is that they are not able to handle their client’s requests and needs effectively because they do not have the right tools or software. They cannot help them meet their deadlines and maintain high quality of work. This causes them to lose clients and make them lose money as well. 
They should also invest in technology such as computers, laptops, tablets and Smart -Phones so that they can use them effectively in their daily operations without wasting time on manual processes.
Security agencies have a long way to go when it comes to embracing technology. A lot of them are still using pencils, paper and even flip phones.
The good news is that things are changing now as more and more companies realize how much money they can save by using technology instead of hiring people for repetitive tasks like data entry or filling out forms on paper.
In conclusion, there can many such stories and incidences which security companies can encounter during their  business, and the best resolve for all of this should be to use technology. They should make their guards’ tech savvy, this would also help agencies to keep a track of their guards duties or else there could be cases of neglect from their end as well. Their performance, attendance, and work shift swapping reports can give them an insight into where there are major 
lapses in their performance, duty hours, and other affected areas.
A security guard agency that does not use technology is putting itself at adisadvantage. Technology can help guards stay alert and aware of theirsurroundings, track and manage inventory, and communicate with each other and with their clients. Without technology, a security guard agency is more likely to make mistakes that could cost money or even lives.
There are many security guard agencies that have not adopted new technologies, and this can lead to serious problems. For example, a recent study found that nearly 60% of all security guard agencies in India do not use  security guard management system. This means that if something happens, there is no review to determine what happened. Additionally, many agencies still rely on paper records instead of electronic ones. This can make it difficult to track information and trends over time. Finally, some agencies do not use GPS tracking for their vehicles or employees. This makes it difficult to respond quickly to incidents or track down missing people or property.
There are some true to life incidences of security guard agencies not using technology that can be quite alarming. In one instance, a large security guard agency was found to have no system in place to track the movements of their guards. This meant that they had no way of knowing if their guards were where they were supposed to be or not. In another instance, an agency was found to be using an outdated software system that didn’t allow them to properly monitor their guards’ activities. These are just a few examples of how important it is for security guard agencies to use technology in order to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently in today’s times.
Thus, in the past, security agencies have relied on manual methods to track the comings and goings of employees and visitors. This often resulted in errors and omissions. 
With the advent of technology, there are now many software programs available to help security agencies manage their operations more effectively. One such program is the security guard management system. This system allows agencies to track the movements of their employees and visitors in real-time. The security guard management system has helped many agencies improve their operations and safeguard their premises.