PugMarg Guard Konnnect

Guard Konnect is a Real Time guard monitoring system which increases the Efficiency of Security Companies and offers them the ability to Enhance their services using technology.

Guard Konnect is used to help companies andorganizations to organize, log and execute security guard activity in their premises, Ensuring that the Security guards will accomplishtheir tasks within the predefined timeintervals.

What are the Benefits in Implementing Guard Tour Systems?

Once you start Guard Konnect system in monitoring your security personnel, what matters the most is that, you keep your client's organization secure. It makes all the difference between a security business that succeeds and the one that flops

A good guard tour system helps the management to know:

Which sites have most issues The common types of issues Days that most issues occur If guards are complying with the standard operating procedures Patrol tours that are missed the most Underperforming guards

Key Feature Of PugMarg Guard Konnect

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