PugMarg EMS

PugMarg Employee Management System

People are the key to workplace excellence.

EMS is a smart technology system that provides
insights for your
business like no other. 

Our Attendance App gives the flexibility to the employees to Clock-in / Clockout using their Smart phone. While clocking the employee’s face will be recognized / verified with the registered Face & accurate GPS will be captured. Real-time attendance details can be viewed live in our Cloud Attendance System.

Our Product Key Features

Time & Attendance Management

The right tool to keep track of employees' attendance with face recognition. Employees can quickly log their hours with the click of a button.

Absence & leave Management

Access to leave details with this feature can help employees plan their time off.

Employee Database

Companies depend on accurate records for most efficient management of employees, so its important that all information is accurate.

Employee Self Service Portal

This helps employees update their personal information whenever required.

Automated Report Generation

Attendance reports for daily, monthly attendance of employees can be easily accessed.

Automates tasks

It helps streamline, automate companys' administrative tasks.

Benefits Of Employee Management System

  • Maintain detailed data of each and every employee.
  • Easy access and real-time location of field employees.
  • Improves workplace management effectiveness.
  • Alerts for Entry and Exit from any location.
Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

An employee management system improves workforce effectiveness by better planning and managing work hours, controlling labour costs and increasing productivity.
It includes time and attendance management, e.g. face recognition technology for attendance (no proxy attendance), time management by keeping track of the clock in and out timing of employees, an employee database and an employee self-service portal.
It measures, analyzes, and maintains employee working hours and company workflow.

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