About PugMarg EMS

PugMarg Employee Management System is an Advanced, Innovative, Integrated, DigiSmart Biometric enabled tracking & attendance App, that gives you ability to improve the efficiency of employees which leads to maximum utilization of resources hence more productivity.

Why PugMarg EMS ?

  • Provides ability to track any person anytime and anywhere across the globe.
  • Two Step verification for tracking to ensure its not misused or used by any unauthorized person.
  • Track via mobile app or admin portal on web browser anywhere.
  • Provides Playback feature of up to 30 days, which can be used to know activity or location of any employee within last 30 days.
  • GEO-Fence (Geographical Virtual Fence) can be used to define work location to mark automatic attendance (In and Out time).
  • GEO-Fence can help you with the report i.e. hours worked within the designated area.
  • GEO-Fence can provide alerts for Entry and Exit from the location.
  • Multiple GEO-Fence can be marked at the same time for office, branches, sites, etc.
  • The App comes with SOS Button, which can be used in case of any urgency to notify concern person or department.
  • Once the SOS button is pressed , device sends an Text alert to all the white listed / authorized mobile number along with the map location link  where the SOS button was pressed.
  • Text alerts for Daily Attendance
  • Text alerts on GEO-Fence In-Out movement
  • Text alerts on idle device
  • Text and Call alerts on SOS
  • PugMarg app comes with Fingerprint Sensor
  • This helps to prevent proxy attendances and make the work environment more disciplined and efficient.
  • This ensures the device is used by the authorize person only.
  • No need to come to office and mark attendance if Employee was scheduled for any site. This saves time hence more productivity.
  • Attendance is marked only if fingerprint is punched within the GEO-Fence, which is pre-decided by the Admin or Head of Department.


Our Attendance App gives the flexibility to the employees to Clock-in / Clock-out using their Smart phone. While clocking the employee face will be recognized / verified with the registered Face & accurate GPS will be captured. Real-time attendance details can be viewed live in our Cloud Attendance System

Once the staff face registered with our App, the staff must verify his face for Attendance Clock-in & Clock-out. It ensures the right employee is doing clocking on that day

It’s a feature built-in with our Attendance App. Once enabled, the Attendance App will track the employees GPS location

available to analyze the past location travel history of the employee. It would be helpful to increase the efficiency & productivity by tracking the employee past location travel.

Live Location of employees can be viewed in the map.

Our intelligent Attendance App can be enabled with GPS Lock / GPS Fencing. Once enabled, the employees are allowed to clock-in / Out only at the specified location

No extra hardware is required as it runs on any Android or iOS device

Who Can Use This

PugMarg EMS provides sales and service companies the tools they need to track Field Employees
Field Sales & Services
PugMarg EMS Connect drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers with real time Location and tracking
Transportation & Logistics
The GPS Tracking solutions play a key role in providing information and analysis, functioning during Brand Campaigning activity
PugMarg EMS solutions provide the insight, visibility, and actionable alerts to increase the Productivity of Govt Employees
PugMarg EMS notify you of the location of your pharmaceutical assets at all times to protect them from loss, damage
The GPS Tracking solutions play a key role in providing information and analysis, functioning during Brand Campaigning activity
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