PugMarg ID Card​

" Your Child's Security Is Our Priority "

PugMarg ID Card is an advanced, innovative, integrated, DigiSmart safety device, when carried by a child, uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track its precise location. It displays real-time exact location of a person on the MAP of the authenticated user through the PugMarg Mobile App. PugMarg ID Card gives parents ability to track their child 24×7. It comes with an integrated SMS service, which automatically sends text alerts to the user in case their child moves out of the safe zone. It also has an emergency call feature which enables the child to call their parents in case a panic/chaos situation arises. PugMarg ID Card gives peace of mind to parents by keeping them updated about their child’s location and movement from time to time.

Why Choose PugMarg ID Card

Challenges Faced By Parents and Schools

  • All children have a right to protection, to be safe, and grow in a protective environment.
  • Are our children in a safe and secure environment?
  • Do parents and school authorities not worry about the safety and security of their child once they leave their home to be at school, and school authorities once they leave the school premises, as well as on their way back home?

Solution - PugMarg ID Card

  • We believe that we would want to make these challenges of parenthood for parents as well as for teachers in schools get a little easier.
  • Our team brings to you a child safety device in the form of an ID card for kids to help keep track of your child’s day, without being too intrusive, and giving parent’s peace of mind that they have always dreamt of.
  • The device traces the child’s real-time location and movement from time-to-time, 24×7, 365 days.
  • It sends text alerts and has an SOS emergency button which the child can use whenever an emergency or panic situation arises.

Key features of PugMarg ID Card

Real-Time Tracking

Track your child real time using the PugMarg Mobile App.


Set up geographic boundaries around areas.

SOS service

SOS text and call is sent to Emergency Numbers

Water and heat resistant

We developed the device which is resistant to water and heat.

Text and call alerts

Regular text and call alerts, when the child is outside, on the Parent Mobile.

Strong battery backup

PugMarg device comes with a strong battery backup.

SMS Alert

SMS alert is sent to parents if the child moves outside the school or the school bus.

Automatic attendance

Automatic attendance takes place as soon as the child enters the school.

Secure server

We use very secure server and encryption to keep our data safe from the world.

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