PugMarg Guard Konnect

About Guard Konnect

Guard Konnect is a real-time guard monitoring system which increases the efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to enhance their services using technology.

Guard Konnect is a security guard management system that has digitalized all its processes, i.e. guard tours, reports, attendance, incidences etc. all under one parasol and with the click of a button. It has varied unique functionalities that ease out the operational jargon, which in-turn helps increase profit margins and reduce operational hurdles as it is extremely cost-effective.

Why Choose PugMarg Guard Konnect

Challenges Faced By Security Guard Companies

  • Lack Transparency: Cannot collect accurate data from start-to-end.
  • No real-time Information: No route patrolled notifications or missed check points, thus not responding to emergency.
  • No real value: Limited functionality and not cost effective.
  • Too Complicated: When users are not technically savvy it’s a challenge.
  • Does not Segment Data: The data of each member should be centralized in one system so one can monitor each employee’s action at one place.
  • No virtual supervision: Helps reducing dependency on supervisors by managing all guards virtually, thereby reduced manpower helps increase profit margins.
  • Huge operation costs: This leads to less profit earning; indirectly posing tough competition with competitors.

Solution - PugMarg Guard Konnect

A lot of research has been conducted for the PugMarg Guard Konnect tool. Inferior products do not give a solution. PugMarg Guard Konnect does and along with the above, it:

  • Increases performance of security staff.
  • It makes them more accountable.
  • It increases profit margins without incurring costs.
  • A streamlined process that can be accessed with just a click of a button.
  • Virtual supervision saves time, effort and resources
  • Automated report generation
  • Customization with infinite functionality

How PugMarg Guard Konnect Will Help Management

  • Daily/Monthly Guard Attendance Report-Face recognition
  • Guard Performance Report-Overall performance review
  • Incidence Report-Acknowledge sensitive areas at sites
  • Tour Report-If guards are complying with Standard Operating Procedure.

Benefits in Implementing Security Guard Management System

Once we have a good security guard management system in place, one can monitor the operations at the click of a button and help keep the clients’ organization secure:


  • Today’s implementation will reap tomorrow’s profit
  • Virtual supervision helps reducing dependency on supervisors by managing all guards virtually
  • Helps to outsell the competition by boosting business performance
  • Increases profit margins and reduces operational hurdles as it is cost-effective
  • It helps streamline security guard agencies’ operations
  • Improves accountability and performance

Key Features of PugMarg Guard Konnect

  • Attendance with Face Recognition
  • Centralized Monitoring
  • Incident Reporting
  • Live Tracking
  • Tour Management
  • Shift Management
  • Leave Management
  • SOS for Guards
  • Playback History
  • Automatic Report Generation

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