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PugMarg Guard Konnect

Guard Konnect is a real-time Security Guard Management System that increases the efficiency of security companies.

Guard Konnect is an end-to-end solution that is automated,
cost effective and increases profit margins.

Guard Konnect is a real-time guard monitoring system which increases the efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to enhance their services using technology. Guard Konnect is a security guard management system that has digitalized all its processes, i.e. guard tours, reports, attendance, incidences etc. all under one parasol and with the click of a button. It has varied unique functionalities that ease out the operational jargon, which in-turn helps increase profit margins and reduce operational hurdles as it is extremely cost-effective.

Why Choose PugMarg Guard Konnect

Work Mobile

Increase your profit margin

Helps to increase profit margins as it is cost-effective.

Eases operations

Helps streamline security guard agencies operations.

Virtual supervision

Helps reduce dependency on supervisor by managing all guards virtually.

Monitor Digitally

Helps to reduce manual processes with digitalized operations.

Our Product Key Features

Real-Time Tracking

Provides Playback feature of up to 30 days, which can be used to know activity or location of any employee within last 30 days.


GEO-Fence (Geographical Virtual Fence) can be used to define work location to mark automatic attendance (In and Out time).

Centralized Monitoring

Centralized monitoring is a system that allows for the collection and management of data from multiple sources in a single location.

Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is an important process in any organization. It allows for the identification and tracking of potential risks and helps to ensure that safety procedures are followed.

Attendance with Face Recognition

The technology uses facial recognition software to identify individuals who have been authorized to attend the event. This system can help reduce attendance fraud and improve security.

Automatic Report Generation

Report automation is a process that can save time and money for your organization. By automating the report generation process, you can create templates that will allow you to quickly and easily generate reports with the required information.

Benefits Of Security Guard Management System

Once we have a good security guard management system in place, one can monitor the operations at the click of a button and help keep the clients’ organization secure:

  • Today’s implementation will reap tomorrow’s profit.
  • Virtual supervision helps reducing dependency on supervisors by managing all guards virtually.
  • Helps to outsell the competition by boosting business performance.
    • It helps streamline security guard agencies’ operations.
    • Increases profit margins and reduces operational hurdles as it is cost-effective.
    • Improves accountability and performance.
Frequently asked questions

We have some FAQ to
inform you more

It is a real-time security guard monitoring system that increases efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to enhance their services using technology.
Guard Konnect has digitalized all the processes, i.e. guard tours, reports, attendance, all under one umbrella.
Yes, you can include as many clients and post sites you like; there is no limit to that.
Yes, your data is totally secure. Cloud based databases are used which are totally reliable. The data can only be accessed with trusted authentication. One can control the data accessible by the guards and clients to maintain confidentiality.
A unique QR code is assigned to each guard which has to be scanned whenever the guard checks in or out on site. This cuts out the hassle of manually updating the task completion.
Guards can be added as per the discussion with the authorities to the number of guards proposed by the client to be added at the very outset.
No additional training is required. The app is user friendly, easy to use, state-of-art technology based tool and an end-to-end solution.
Yes, you can schedule or make changes in the present tours on the app. The guards will be informed in real-time, so you don’t have to communicate the changes individually.
No, the guards can only clock in/out when they are on site. This makes sure that the patrol data is always accurate and no scheduled site is skipped.

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