About Us

At Airavat, we believe in the power of technology in changing the world. Since its inception in 2015, we are committed to give organizations the power, through insightful and innovative solutions, that would steer business achievements. We are creators and providers of IT-based solutions. Our conviction, as an entity, is to offer products that empower individuals. We are into innovative and technologically advanced IoT based products and services. We aspire to be world leaders striving to make Airavat Corporate Services the biggest conglomerate giant.

Airavat Corporate Services just got into its sixth year since inception and has had a broad involvement with conveying excellent IT based solutions for a wide range of IT based products and services. Driven by a client-situated methodology, each experience has caused us to grow more creative, and has empowered us to get business, innovation, and operational components in incredible detail. We have created a need to enable our clients to have the option to arrive at their objectives effectively and live a purely satisfying and profitable life.

Why Choose Us

We, as a company, developed a competitive edge when we produced products with attributes that allow them to outperform their competitors. We have always been ahead of the track by offering attractive pricing. The USP of all our products has been the unique feature of all our solutions that help us standout from the crowd. Branding helps us with our Differentiation Strategy. The Innovation Strategy of ours helps us move ahead of the competition by doing things in new and different ways. Ours is a range of technology based products as we embrace new technology to increase our competitive edge over those who resist new methods. Being in an increasingly unpredictable environment with markets and economies, our company believes in adaptability at every step along the way.

Our Leadership Team

Harish Adatiya
Founder & CEO
Siddhant Thakare
Ritesh Mankar

What Our Customers Say